Robo 2.0 AP/TS 1st Week Collections

2point0, 2.0 Movie, rajanikanth
2point0, 2.0 Movie, rajanikanth

2.0 has a median first week in Telugu States with a distributor share of over 40 Cr. The movie has overwhelmed the lifetime share of Robo which had collected a distributor share of 37 Cr in 2010. However that received’t be adequate because the theatrical rights are valued for 72 Cr which suggests a restoration of 55 % to date. After a superb Sunday the movie held regular in Nizam however dropped huge time in Andhra with daily drop of round 40 % which is big. It will likely be getting benifited by lengthy weekend in Nizam however the restoration received’t be going wherever until the movie does will in AP.

Area1st Week5DaysFirst Week3 Days2 DaysDay 1
Nizam16.99 Cr15.08Cr13.71 Cr10.32Cr7.41 Cr4.73Cr
Ceeded6.25 Cr (including hires)5.40cr4.95 Cr3.70Cr2.90 Cr1.96Cr
UA5.01 Cr4.67Cr4.27 Cr3.25Cr2.44 Cr1.65Cr
Guntur2.90 Cr2.75Cr2.58 Cr1.85Cr1.47 Cr1.02Cr
East2.92 Cr2.67Cr2.46 Cr1.87Cr1.44 Cr0.96Cr
West2.04 Cr1.85Cr1.71 Cr1.31Cr1.04 Cr0.75Cr
Krishna2.34 Cr2.17Cr2 Cr1.41Cr1.06 Cr0.70Cr
Nellore1.57 Cr1.46Cr1.37 Cr1.09Cr0.92 Cr0.74Cr
Total40.02 Cr36.05Cr33.05 Cr24.80Cr18.68 Cr12.51Cr