Janasena Promotional Vehicles with the latest trends

Janasena Party, Pawan Kalyan
Janasena Party, Pawan Kalyan

Janesan Party has prepared campaigns to make the JanaSena mark, theories and manifesto more popular among the people. Jansana Party President Shri Pawan Kalyan has launched the Pooja Programs and launched the flag lamp for Janasena Promotional Vehicles.

The program was held on Monday evening at the party office premises of Mangalgiri in Guntur district. Each campaign Vehicles has been designed in 10 villages of the day with 17 campaign rallies designed to provide party ideals and manifesto in 170 villages per day. Another 17 Vehicles are ready. As part of the campaign, the party will be tweaked with a glass glass glass and driving a member ship.

Similarly, Pawan Kalyan’s speeches will be telecast in two main centers in the day to facilitate the voters through the LED TV’s set up in promotional Vehicles. Party leaders, party ideologies and Sri Pawan Kalyan’s speeches are propagated by the people of the party to remember the glass. In addition to the party’s theories and glass on the leading Vehicles, some of the party manifestos were set up in the form of plucks. After the launch of the campaign chariot, Shri Pawan Kalyan’s party symbol has been tilted in glass and put to building construction workers.

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